Saturday 25 April 2009

Cheese Corps

Can't do anything without grunts. WHC action
To follow on from yesterdays blog putting together a hypothetical corps for Noels' forthcoming campaign, I've done another, also for the French. This is a fairly effective little outfit, and maximises the points system.
Corps Commander = 50
1st Division:
Commander= 50
4 x 36 2nd class line =216
6 x 36 1st class line =512
1 x 36 Veteran =108
30 x skirmishers=150
3 x 6lb + 1 x How=130
3x 12lb +1 x How=190
24 x Light cavalry= 120
Total= 1,2166
The reasoning is as follows: Solid and punchy infantry component, but with 1 vet and enough 1st to do a bit of manouvering. maximum skirmish capability. The 12lb battery should probably really be a corps asset, but by having in a division then it can combine fire with the 6 lber.
Light cavalry for local support
2nd Division
Div CO = 50
8 x 36 2nd class line=432
24 skirmishers=120
1 x 6lb btty= 130
24 Light cavalry= 120
Total= 852
A cheap blocking force. Good enough to defend a position or get chucked into a big melee. Looks like its better than it is.

You won't see much of this in your campaign- French Guard Cavalry from the WHC
3rd Division
Div CO=50
4 x 36 2nd class line=216
3x 36 1st class line=216
1 x 36 veteran=108
24 skirmishers=120
1 x 6 lb btty=130
24 x Light cavalry=120
A standard infantry outfit.

WHC French go over a wall. These are the lovely limited edition Old Glory original French infantry- miles better than anything they did since.
Therefore, the 3 infantry divisions + a corps commander have cost a total of 3,138. Each division has a cavalry component, and there is plenty of artillery. That means there is 862 pts still to spend,
I'm tempted to go for another 12lber btty, but that might be a bit over the top.
Some cavalry:
Cav commander=50
2 x32 Hvy Cav= 384
1x32 Cuiraissier=256
1x 24 Lancer= 168
Gives a grand total of 3,997
Thats 27 infantry btns
4 artillery btty
7 cavalry regts.
I'd play with that lot quite happily.

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Friday 24 April 2009

Blog Cross-fertilisation

Blog interaction!
I've read Noel's recent missive concerning his planned campaign and so I thought I'd see what my choices might be (and why) for a points based ITGM campaign. (I'm not playing in Noel's campaign, this is just an exercise)I'm not a big fan of points based games, but this is one way of geting a decent compromise, rather than say "My 4,000 pts of French are fighting your 4,000 points of Prussians, each army has to be capable of taking on multiple opponents, I'm not sure if the possibility of multi-corps games has been considered, but thats how it could get really interesting.

Skirmishers: They are worth the points
I was involved in one years ago and I seem to remember a few things, namely that while Peter Gilder was a genius, it didn't extend to writing a points system. There are a few anomalies: Skirmishers are a bit underpriced, and at 1:10 for formed infantry if you maximise their numbers they are very (too?) effective. Lancers are a bit overpriced, as are horse artillery. 2nd class line infantry are a bit of a bargin. 8lb artillery are generally not worth the money, while 12lbers most certainly are!

Cuirraissier, are they worth the points?
Given those thoughts I decided to do a little exercise and produce my own points army as per Noel's criteria.
The brief is to produce 3, 4,000 point corps. The only proviso is that a division can't be smaller than 5 btns. I thought I'd start with the French, although a lot more fun can be had with the allies.
For this first corps I haven't been too mental and stuck to vaguely believable forces, I may later post up a "cheese corps" for maximum effectiveness.
1st Division:
Div CO= 50
1 x 36 vets= 108
5 x 36 1st class line=360
2 x 36 2nd class line=108
18 skirmishers = 90
4x6lb+1 howitzer = 130
Divisional Total= 846
My reasoning for this is as follows:
8 btns is a nice little number fo a Div co to keep in range, having 1 vet btn to contest a wood or get into firefight is always handy, the 2 x 2nd class btns can skulk about at the back (these 2 pay for the veteran). 6lb artillery is good enough, (unless you know you are up against 6 rank Austrians, 8lb's aren't worth it)

2nd class infantry, they are a bargin
So, 3 divisions such as the above give a core of 24 infantry btns and cost a total of:
2,538 points.
This leaves 1,462 points for some extras!
First off,
Corps Commander = 50
3 x 12lb guns + 1 Howitzer= 190 (got to have one!)
1 x staff officer= 25
2 x 24 Light cavalry= 240
1 x 24 lancer=168
1 x staff officer= 25
2x 32 heavy cavalry= 384
3 x veteran 36 infantry = 324
6x skirmishers = 30
(these 3 extra btns can be shoe-horned in to 1 or any of the inf divisions)

Gives us a total of 4,004 points.
That would do for my first Corps.
A solid infantry base, plenty of artillery, some decent cavalry.

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Victrix French

Two Drummers, just different heads
At Salute a few weeks ago I impulse purchased a box of the new Victrix french plastics. So last sunday I put some together.
Hmmm ...compared to the Perry plastics they are fiddly, it took me at least double the amount of time to put together a 36 man unit. Seperate heads, arms, weapons backpacks...However, the end results are probably worth it, theres a lot more life in these chaps than the Perry figures, and the sculpting is bloody marvelous. Above is one basic drummer with just a head swap, no problem having these side by side on a command stand.
The range of heads is mental! I think there are 108 different (not ALL different, obviously) heads in a box, so the variation possible is enormous.

Voltiguers, again, same bodies, diferent head/arm combos
The two pictures above are for the voltiguer company. These chaps are impressive. From the toe to the tip of the plume is about 44mm! Toe to eye is 28mm (of course)
Each picture is using the same body with different head/ arm combinations.
At £20 for 60 figures they are dirt cheap, there is a bit of a shortage of flank company bodies in a march pose (only 12) so in order to get more than a single battalion out of a box a bit of imagination will be required, but one could use 36 figures and bin the remainder and still be in the money. I've not investigated the kneeling body yet (8 of them in a box) fine for the odd skirmisher, but generally useless. There are, however, 8 officer bodies, which gives a bit of a surfeit which could be used with the Perry kit to remedy the paucity in their box..Yes, yes I know, "The Perries are in 1815 and these are in 1807 uniform, You can't possibly use them together"......Yeah, Yeah... whatever...., just watch me, and while you are about it ...Go and get a life!
There was some twat on TMP the other day banging on about how the Perry plastics are useless unless you only do 1815 with them (???)..I questioned him on this and asked whether he had seperate armies for all the different uniform variations the French had. He replied that he had. I wonder how big his collection is? 100 figures? 200?...even a 1,000?.. I'm sure he loves playing meticulous games with small amounts of I'm a size queen..(just like my missus!!)
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