Monday 24 November 2008

The late Ian Stables....some of his stuff

4 regts of Prussian Cavalry: All painted by Ian

The other weekend whilst at John's gaff, while I was sorting out the Napoleonics I wanted to take a few pics for this very site. After I'd taken a few units off the shelves and snapped them, it occurred to me that they were all the work of one man:
Ian Stables.
Ian sadly died at the absurdly young age of 43 in the summer of 2006. I first met him probably about 15 years ago when i was selling Connoisseur Figures at the shows around the UK. We got talking and I needed well painted figures both for display purposes and for my own collection. Ian was a real pro...He knew I couldn't afford the top prices he charged for a lot of his work, so I just used to give him figures and he'd just shake his head and say "I'll do them when I can". Months would pass and then finally He'd call me and I'd pop over to his place in Harrow and there would be a new unit. I was never disappointed in what I found. Quite the reverse.
They would always be lovely.

Landwher Lancers
I think I have about 15 units painted by him, mostly cavalry and a few batteries, I did have 3 or 4 British Infantry units but sadly they have been sold.
I used to prepare the figures, do conversions, replace swords,add plumes, heads etc, Ian would work his magic and then I'd base them.
Whenever I was with him He'd show me other stuff he was working on and it was always fabulous. I don't think he actually liked painting Connoisseur stuff that much, but he was far too polite to say anything. He loved Front Rank figures, did a lot for their catologue, and he always used them for his own work when he entered painting competitions. He won the Salute painting competition at least once, I remember seeing a unit of Highlanders he was entering. They were amazing. He spent literally months working on his entries and it showed.

Prussian Garde Du Korps

Russo-German Artillery
He didn't wargame himself a great deal, though I do recall him embarking on a Peninsular Skirmish project using mostly heavily converted Connoisseur stuff (he can't have hated them that much then, I suppose). He did enjoy converting, as do I, which was a shared interest. We'd spend plenty of time sharing ideas and tips.
Rather than wargame he was a keen chess player and member of the Richmond club.

Russo-German Husars

Brandenburg Hussars
Like all really good pro-painters he was also prolific and consistent. I'm always seeing figures and recognising his work. When I do, I think of Ian.
Anyway, he is sorely missed.Enjoy the pictures

French Cuiraissier

Cuiraissiers, Gendarmes D'elite and Grenadiers au cheval peeking round the corner