Thursday 19 March 2009

Queen of the battlefield?

Connoisseur Figures painted as Russo-German Legion by Ian Stables.

Not much gaming action or for that matter, painting been going on recently. I'm finishing off the third Perry Btn - which is great. So the painting table will be cleared pretty soon. However, I will be picking up 4 btns of Wurtemburgers and a foot battery for Noel at Salute which should keep me busy for a while. I'm looking forwards to doing the Battery, which is my tenuous segue for this post, I already have a Wurtemburg Battery but no pictures of it. Next time I'm at Johns I'll have to snap it, and we can compare my one with the one I'm doing for Noel...(hmmmm...what if the one I'm about to do turns out better?).....
Mostly Prussian Batteries on show here, I probably have more than I need, 3 x 12Lb, 3 x 6Lb,
1 x howitzer and 2 horse batteries, but as we always say at work: "I'd rather be looking at them, than looking for them". Well, thats my excuse.

Connoisseur Horse battery by yours truly
Most of the Batteries I have are Connoissuer, with a couple of Elite ones. I find the Elite guns a bit hefty, I have always been inspired by Doug Mason's conversion work he has done on artillery crews, its always seemed easy to me to do conversions on batteries as each figure can be different and it doesn't look a total mess.

Calpe Figures 6Lb foot Bty, painted by me
The Calpe Battery above has all 16 figures different, and these are straight from the catologue, which is pretty good.

Howitzer Battery painted by Ian Stables
These Connoissuer Howitzers are are a good example of the conversion possibilities, lots of head swaps, (bald fellahs seem to predominate)
Finally, below is one for the Franco-philes, I painted this line horse battery and did TONS of conversions on it, mostly it is Connoissuer line and guard figures with Firing Line heads, plus all sorts of other mental stuff like a mounted trumpeter (a Firing Line Chassuer au Cheval). Its companion (not pictured) was a rather nice Elite Horse battery that I did and then sold to Lander for a ludicrously small amount when I was pissed. Take heed! The perils of drink!

Conversion city, lots of head swaps

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