Wednesday 22 July 2009

Some WWII bits and bobs, Nazi porn

Britannia 20mm flak, homemade emplacements
Just thought I'd sort through some old WWII pics, a lot of this is relatively old kit which I've had a while, this is all for the Germans in the med, mainly Italy and Tunisia. Theres a lot of Britannia stuff, which is "sturdy"..thats being polite for a bit crap, but they are robust if nothing else.

Generic Tigers, they will do for anywhere.
The obligatory Tigers are Hasegawa kits which are VERY simple and great value, with Lammercraft crews which are excellent. Hairnet cammo nets.

Panzer III's: again good for anywhere.
These panzer III's are mainly all Fujimi kits, I got quite quick at doing them after a while, (despite the individual track links) Again, they are primarily for Tunisia and Italy, I'm sure they will crop up in Russia from time to time. There is an accompanying panzer IV btn knocking about somewhere.

Stugs: The're great.
Finally some assault guns, these are a mix of Mili-Cast and.....eeer...some metal ones, Friend or Foe miniatures, I think. They are very nice albeit bloody heavy, plenty of crews and stowage finish them off. Good for anywhere (apart from Tunisia)

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Tuesday 21 July 2009

Been busy

Westphalian Cuiraissiers painted by Neil Sheardown
I Know, I know.... I've been BUSY!

Work has taken over for the last couple of months, but the summer season has calmed down so normal service will be resumed. I haven't had a game or touched a paintbrush for the best part of 3 months. This will change this weekend-off up to Landers' for a 1/35th crossfire game, and I'll take some more napoleonic pictures. In the meantime, a couple of pics from Ged's birthday game last year (seems like ages ago now)

Gerry's Young Guard defend against Steve Scott's Austrians