Monday 2 March 2009

Perry French

2 btns + skirmishers.
So, here are the first 2 Perry Btns, they will be joined by a 3rd very soon (about 1/3 done).
I decided to do a bit of a mixture, so 1 btn is all Greatcoats, 1 in just coats, and the third will be a mix, this will make them readily indentifiable on the table and is a nice simple system with a bit of continuity whilst making every unit different.
In order to do this I needed more figures than were in the plastics boxes. I wanted more officers including mtd ones and needed a few more figures generally. There are "only" 2 variations of flank coys in each of the coated and great-coated figures, which is great if you are mixing them all up but a bit weedy if you are an awkward bleeder like me and want to seperate them out.
So what you are looking at above is 2 x 36 man units and half a dozen skirmishers. To get this I only used 2 boxes of plastics and then added in extra metals. I still have enough figures left over to get a third btn out of the 2 boxes. Each btn has a metal mtd officer, 3 metal foot officers, 4 metal flank coy figures, 3 metal centre coy bods plus 2 or 3 metal command figures. This way I have at least 2 metal figures per 6 man base which gives them a bit of weight- for those of us who like metal figures it does make a bit of a difference, they do feel a bit better. Obviously this increases the unit cost overall but its still very cheap.
Lets see....
2 x boxes of plastics =£30.00
42 metal foot plus 3 mtd colonels= £49.50
Total = £79.50

Thats enough to make up THREE btns with 5 metal and 7 plastics left over -plus 6 more skimishers.
So it works out to less than £25 a btn, which is still a bit of a bargain.

The "coated" btn
I will end up with a shed load of skirmishers, but they are nice to paint so I'll probably bang them out and they will end up on e-bay.
Having sorted out a 3 btn light infantry regt the question is: What to do next?
I know what Noels' answer to this question is:
If I am to continue with more of these, then the obvious next step would be a 3 btn line regt, but that is too obvious, Italians, maybe? Berg? I've already got 4 btns of Swiss, the Westfalians are sorted...suggestions welcome.

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