Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Still white, but slightly different

Connoissuer Saxons painted by yours truly about 4 years ago
A while ago, I put up some pictures of the beautiful Saxon cavalry belonging to the Wargames Holiday Centre. Well, I found these pics of my own efforts. These are the same Connoisseur figures but this time the painting and conversions are mine. I would never try to claim my stuff could compete with the old master Doug Mason's but I was quite pleased with these. 

A few differences,certainly (I don't have a Garde Du Corps regt for starters) but these figures I recall being a joy to do. I'd certainly do the white differently these days, the horses are almost all Firing Line and they supplied many of the heads for the Bonnet de Police, bandaged types etc. The Trumpeters ARE Garde Du Corps figures (Gilder never made trumpeters?????). Sabres were removed and replaced with steel pins, heads were twisted both on horses and riders, I got the effect I was after, which was of a charging unit with plenty of figure differences.

New swords, lots of head work, and some tortured horses!
Now, enough of this onanism....I'm well on the way with the latest batch of Austrians, and have settled on a method I like - which involves Army Painter!!! heresy, I hear you say...no, it works, not maybe the way the manufacturers intended but I've got there-as have a couple of other painters I've seen blogging- odd, how people independantly arrive at the same results. 
The next crop of Austrians will appear soon. At which point, even though this Blog is by no means a democracy, I will be asking you to vote on what I am to paint next. However, that can wait till next time.
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