Saturday 13 March 2010

bits and pieces on an idle saturday

Massed French Cavalry: 3 Cuiraissier regts, 1 Carabinier, 2 Polish Lancer, 1 Polish Cuirassier, the Zastrows, Westphalian Guard Du Corps, 3 chassuer regts all supported by 4 Horse batteries
- All from mine and John Lander's collections.   
Been a busy week, for a multiplicity of reasons, work plus I was away for a long weekend. I only mention this because the proposed house move (its been proposed for at least 10 years) may actually be taking shape. While I was away we found a property which sort of ticks all the boxes (there are a lot of them to tick). However, amidst all the discussion of domestic arrangements there was only one thing I was actually focusing on, which was the early comment made by my missus, while looking at the 2 outbuildings, which was "Of course, you'd better have the bigger one".....
We'll see...Long way to go yet, I don't even know for sure if the owner wishes to sell (its unoccupied).
Meanwhile, the Hungarians are getting a bit of attention, might finish them this weekend. Not mad keen on how they have turned out, no idea why, it might just be the figures.
Next up will be another helmeted unit, followed by artillery, which will give me a small corps of sorts, 6 btns, skirmishers and artillery. Enough to tack on to some Prussians or Russians for a game.
Whilst at John's the other week we did talk about expanding my Austrians....via a this space.
So for a diversion; a few pics of some French cavalry, a big old Cavalry Corps, (well, more like 2 really) with 7 armoured regts, 2 lancer, 3 light and 12 guns.
A good mix: Back rank (yellow facings) Connoissuer figures. Middle rank(red facings) Old Glory, Willie figures officer and trumpeter (a FANTASTIC figure) and Foremost. Front rank (blurry) Old Glory,and Foremost. 
Not  a bad turn out. John and I have a decent amount of French heavy cavalry apart from dragoons of which we only have 2 - there are a couple more lancer regts knocking around, plus several light regts of French and allies. Believe it or not, I would actually like at least 1 more French Cuirassier regt, if for no other reason than  because 3 is such a rubbish number. One day.
2 of the French armoured regts, both painted by the late Ian Stables
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