Sunday 8 April 2018

28mm Village sections

New Russian Villages:
I've made up a few Russian village sections for WWII (although they'd do fine for Napoleonic too) These are mostly MDF kits from "Things From The Basement" in the USA with a few more extra bits from the excellent Charlie Foxtrot models here in the UK
Love these...2 cabins, and high fences
All lovely models, easy to construct, and fun to paint. One of the things which attracted me to them was how there are very few lugs on display - most MDF kits have these rather unsightly points where the various bits fit together- These don't- makes them look so much better- I thought it would be more fun to put these together as based village units, to allow a little bit more detailing and customisation. 
Simple Russian barn, but will do for pretty much anywhere
Couldn't resist this...the little pigsty base is from TFTB, pigs from Pegasus
Small cabin, rough fencing- Warlord Russians!
The bases are all slightly different sizes, but generally about 10' square, big enough to make an impact on the wargames table and to allow the addition of more "stuff" to pretty them up

Larger Villa with small garden
These are for sale....feel free to contact me if you wish for prices etc- I'm going to be making a lot more terrain and buildings over the next few months, if you have a specific request just ask, or keep an eye out here or look for CAC terrain on facebook

Smaller cabin and woodshed by Charlie Foxtrot, Everything else from TFTB. Love the well.