Saturday, 25 April 2009

Cheese Corps

Can't do anything without grunts. WHC action
To follow on from yesterdays blog putting together a hypothetical corps for Noels' forthcoming campaign, I've done another, also for the French. This is a fairly effective little outfit, and maximises the points system.
Corps Commander = 50
1st Division:
Commander= 50
4 x 36 2nd class line =216
6 x 36 1st class line =512
1 x 36 Veteran =108
30 x skirmishers=150
3 x 6lb + 1 x How=130
3x 12lb +1 x How=190
24 x Light cavalry= 120
Total= 1,2166
The reasoning is as follows: Solid and punchy infantry component, but with 1 vet and enough 1st to do a bit of manouvering. maximum skirmish capability. The 12lb battery should probably really be a corps asset, but by having in a division then it can combine fire with the 6 lber.
Light cavalry for local support
2nd Division
Div CO = 50
8 x 36 2nd class line=432
24 skirmishers=120
1 x 6lb btty= 130
24 Light cavalry= 120
Total= 852
A cheap blocking force. Good enough to defend a position or get chucked into a big melee. Looks like its better than it is.

You won't see much of this in your campaign- French Guard Cavalry from the WHC
3rd Division
Div CO=50
4 x 36 2nd class line=216
3x 36 1st class line=216
1 x 36 veteran=108
24 skirmishers=120
1 x 6 lb btty=130
24 x Light cavalry=120
A standard infantry outfit.

WHC French go over a wall. These are the lovely limited edition Old Glory original French infantry- miles better than anything they did since.
Therefore, the 3 infantry divisions + a corps commander have cost a total of 3,138. Each division has a cavalry component, and there is plenty of artillery. That means there is 862 pts still to spend,
I'm tempted to go for another 12lber btty, but that might be a bit over the top.
Some cavalry:
Cav commander=50
2 x32 Hvy Cav= 384
1x32 Cuiraissier=256
1x 24 Lancer= 168
Gives a grand total of 3,997
Thats 27 infantry btns
4 artillery btty
7 cavalry regts.
I'd play with that lot quite happily.

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Eric said...

Commander in Chief is free Chris, so you have 50 more points to spend! I hope the French commanders aren't reading your blog, there's too much good advice here.

Chris Cornwell said...

Another 50 points!...easy, I'll have another 6 skirmishers and upgrade a 2nd class btn to a 1st...thats 48 pts....