Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Momentous Day!

Firing Line miniatures: Line infantryman, Sargent, and Standard Bearer
Today is a momentous day. For the first time in 2 years I'm picking up a brush in order to paint some 25mm Napoleonics! After spending the weekend re-aquainting myself with my Napoleonic collection I'm suficiently inspired to have a change from the unrelenting WWII Soviet hordes in order to fulfil my idle promise to Noel that I'd paint up some Wurtemburgers for him...I'm starting with the samples I bought and will now order the rest + standards etc
Infantry march attack
Looking forward to this, I'm using the Firing Line miniatures figures, Firing Line are a well kept secret of the large 25mm world. They are carried by the guy who does Bicorne and Connoisseur, and are highly compatible with the latter, and Elite miniatures. However, although they are in the "Peter Gilder style" of figure sculpting they are IMHO superior to the mentioned ranges. No-one knows about them because the above company never advertises and the only picture on his website is of a Jaeger which is about the worst figure in the range! (marketing doesn't seem to be a strongpoint)
They do a lot of Wurtemburgers and a small French range (along with ACW and gunfighters). They also do a fantastic range of heads which are excellent for conversions -all the Wurtemburgers, and most of the French come with seperate heads so theres plenty of scope for minor changes within a unit without altering the overall pose and "feel" of a battalion.
Here goes!
(I hope you still want these, Noel)

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