Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Work....such an imposition

Guard Chasseur officer and trumpeter
Not been around at all for the last 3 weeks, working away, so no painting or gaming has been going on. This also meant I missed the annual trip to the WHC for Noel's campaign week which annoyed me immensely - the fact that it was deemed the best week yet coincided with my what you will into that.
I will get a bit of compensation in 10 days time though when I will head up there for a WWII weekend, an Italian campaign game using Gerry's new rules in their finished form. Also, Gerry has kindly invited me to stay on for a couple of days to have a game with just the 2 of us. Not sure what yet, probably a big old Napoleonic bash. Looking forwards to that.

Firing Line Guard Chasseur Regt
When I arrived home there was a big heavy box from Bicorne containing Noel's Firing Line Wurtemburg cavalry, I've not painted any of these before and have spent the afternoon assembling them (lots of seperate sword arms and heads). They look good. Obviously no photos yet but the poses are all very similar to their French Guard Chasseurs, so I've put some shots of them up. As you can see they are very nice figures and have a highly dynamic air about them, the seperate sword arm allows the figure to be cast a point which would not be possible otherwise, this also allows a pistol option

Firing Line line chasseur officer


Anonymous said...

Now they are really nice! If it is any consolation-I last went to the WHC about 4 years ago....and lost!


Anonymous said...

Last time I went to the WHC was in 1990...I think; perhaps a little earlier. I was lucky to meet Peter Gilder on that trip. He was already quite ill and immobile, but he welcomed me to dinner and his son Chris gave me a tour of the Connoisseur operation. Peter regaled me with stories of old and I will never forget the experience.

Regarding the new WWII rules, I would love to know more about them. What are they based on? Are they fast play (I mean really fast play) but are they flavorful and fun? I assume that these are for the 20mm WHC collection, yes? I know that for some time a version of Command Decision was being used, but I just can't see that being usable for really large actions. So, when you have had a go with Gerry's new WWII rules, can you post some info?

Love the Chasseurs... not just sucking up!


RTB said...

Work is always such an imposition and stops play!

I like those. I have a unit of Foundry to paint one day.......

Chris Cornwell said...

Ged's WWII rules will be available to buy very soon. They started out from CD, but now bear no resemblance. None of those fiddly chits, movement is alternate, shooting simultaneous, spotting and command ranges are deterministic. Artillery tends to be less lethal and more suppressive. Gerry has done a lot of work on armour and weapon factors. Movement distances are bigger than CD. We've played them a lot over the last 3 or 4 years, a typical game would be 2 weakish panzer divisions againts 5 Russian tank corps + assets with 4 players a side and easily get a finish in a day and a half. There's quite a lot of manouvre (with a big table) and you can crack through the turns.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thanks for the info. I have a good sized collection for WWII in 20mm but have not been satisfied with RF nor with several other games that don't have the flavor I am looking for and the fast play. I play Blitzkrieg Commander and enjoy it - but for multi-player games it can be a problem.

So, I am really interested in this new development. Any idea how he will be marketing his rules?


Secundus said...

I love your Blog, truely massive units, great to see. I like your painting/basing tips aswell, cheers secundus.