Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Soviets

Altaya T-34 with AB tank riders

Took a few pictures of my burgeoning WWII Soviet stuff today. This project was begun at the end of April this year, so pretty good progress so far.

The aim is to assemble enough kit to do either an Infantry division or a Tank Corps with add-ons for both.
These are all for a 1 vehicle = 1 platoon style scale. Suitable for CD, Spearhead, etc.
I've bought a lot of Dragon/Altaya pre-painted stuff.If you know where to look these can be got VERY cheap. A big chunk was 18 Altaya T-34's on e-bay for less than £70 including P&P
About £3.90 a vehicle painted!...Impossible to match really. They are not quite as good as the Dragon models but form a good nucleus for the Tank corps.
So far there are:

28 T-34's
4 KV1's
4 SU152's
2 SU85's

These are sporting about 90 crew figures and tank riders

To back these up most of the infantry are painted, a few still to base. About 300 in total when I'm done. The majority are Fantassin models.
On order are:
6x BA64 (Frontline)
6x Trucks (Frontline)

Still to come will be 4 x SU76's plus some carriers, either White scout cars or Bren carriers.
After this a light tank battalion...not sure which yet, T70 or Valentines?..Hard to resist the Valentines.
Then I just need a few more trucks/tows and more Anti-tank guns. Currently I only have 4 x 45mm and 4 x 76mm.
I'm aiming for some of these to have an outing at the WHC in about 10 days time, I'll take some up there for a weekend out of their boxes. Gerry is doing an early 44 bash. Lots of photo opprtunities I hope!

MMS tankriders on a Dragon T-34 (nice figures, but multipart metal...a pain in the arse to put together)

Dragon KV1, Fantasin Tank riders

Dragon T-34 in the background, Elheim Infantry (removed from their HORRIBLE slotta bases)

Many more pics here:http://s175.photobucket.com/albums/w138/christot2001/

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