Saturday 2 January 2021

2020 Good year, bad year

 I thought I'd put together a few photos from the past year, some of it has already appeared here, most not, its mainly just pictures of figures I've painted in the past 12 months and I've used this opportunity to try and have a bit of a count up of what I've managed to paint in 2020. On that front, it has been a terrific year, but, as we all know, by pretty much all other metrics, it has not been good at all. 

So... The final tally is quite large, I think it probably surpasses my previous best year when I was going full bore on the Austrians, although these have been a bit different, not just churning out unit after unit - I've really enjoyed this years painting

Swiss:  443 foot, 43 cavalry and generals- 3 camp scenes - call it 550 pieces

Landsknechts: 222 foot, 4 Command bases, 1 cannon-  245 pieces 

Gendarmes and knights - 96 - 192 pieces

Mounted crossbows, stradiots, Jinetes 72 figures - 144 pieces

Italian foot - 72 pike, 25 swordsmen 32 arquebusiers, 1 cannon -134 pieces

Thats 1265 late15th early 16th century types

 there were 180 pieces of WW2 German and US Paras.

So Painting wise that is 1445 28mm bits which is pretty good going- However.....On top of that, I think I've based about another 3,000 28mm figures, 100 odd movement trays, 300 (!) flags,  plus about 200 1/35th figures, built a bunch of 1/35th terrain, I'm also about halfway through doing 20 AWI assault boats! 

I've been busy! 

Swiss take on landsknechts

Swiss crossbows- Perry plastics

Swiss or Burgundian Heroes for To The Strongest! Steel Fist and Foundry figures

The Swiss in all their glory

Dog loving Landsknecht commander- Steel Fist and Foundry again 

About half (!) The Gendarmes I painted this year

Oldies but Goldies, Connoisseur Miniatures heroes/generals

This venerable Redoubt Miniatures figure was also kindly given to me by Mark Freeth, a new plume spiffed him up a bit 

Perry Italian mounted crossbowmen, some plastic riders, some metal all on plastic horses

Perry Plastics painted as German Knights, Steel Fist plumes added

A terrific little Hinchcliffe organ gun - must be over 40 years old! with a Perry crew

Yet more mounted crossbows- This time Perry and Casting Room Miniatures

A bit of a change- Warlord Falschirmjager Pak 40 I did as part of a larger commission 

camp scene, Perry figures, Magista Militum tents

Some Smashing Perry Stradiots, I later added another 6 TAG figures which mixed in nicely

Fabulous 40 year old Connoisseur sculpts given a new lease of life with some Perry heads

Swiss halberds, Steel Fist, Perry, Foundry and Connoisseur figures

Perry figures for the camp scene

Perry Plastics with added Steel Fist plumes become Italian Knights

The fourth Landsknecht pike block - number 5 is going to be the first unit for 2021 

Casting Room Miniatures Jinetes-with a couple of Perry plastics to make up the numbers 

Steel Fist commanders- with an Artizan miniatures advisor

 Steel Fist miniatures Gendarmes- set of by Pete's Flags banners

Casting Room miniatures and Perry swordsmen

Italian mercenaries Perry and Connoisseur miniatures, with a lot of Italian and Tudor head-swaps 

Perry and TAG figures make up these Florentine militia pike


DeanM said...

Very impressive amount of beautifully painted figures, Chris!

Independentwargamesgroup said...

I ought I had done well but clearly I am an amateur compared to yourself. Well done, its especially good to see the wonderful Connoisseur figures.

Unlucky General said...

You have some breath-taking units there - especially the Steel Fist cavalry. Not only a decent output but a complex one too.

rct75001 said...

That is a spectacular collection and so much great work to get through in a year. I’d love to be able to emulate even a proportion of that with my Italian Wars collection.

Thanks for sharing.


Doug said...

Marvellous looking work. I love how dense and animated your pike blocks are particularly, but it is all great. I'm also in awe at the sheer volume you have achieved. That's an incredible level of output.

Neil said...

Love those pikes! They certainly look like a dense mass of pointy objects - I would not want them to come my way.