Monday, 18 December 2017

Something a little different....The first of the Romans

One on-going project I have at the moment (and one which is going to go on for quite a long time!), is painting up a lot of Warlord Early Imperial Romans. Not for me, I might add, but fun nonetheless. Here are the first 2 cohorts- eventually I'll have a couple of Legions worth + all the Auxilia to do. So, quite a bit.
I'm not doing this alone, thank God, but as part of a team of painters in order to accomplish this massive task.

I've always wanted to do an Early Imperial army, but have never actually got round to it, one of those situations common to just about every wargamer, we all have "those projects" I guess, so having the opportunity to paint one for someone else will hopefully get it out of my system.
Early Imperials have always been the "classic" Romans for me, Square Scutem, Lorica Segmentata, I suspect my like of them goes back to a bunch of Timpo figures I had when I was a youngster.
The Warlord figures have been around for while, go together fairly easily, choices of sword-arm or pilum, a few different head choices. The ones in the pictures are a mixture of the basic set and the set sold as "veterans" - these give you a few extra choices - different heads and helmets, and battered shields. All the veterans have the additional magnia sword- arm armour a few legionaires adopted for the Dacian wars. Fortunately these are indeed for the Dacian campaigns so they will fit right in.
                       There are a few extra metal command figures mixed in- manufacturer unknown.
Anyway, I'm enjoying doing these, which is probably just as well, seeing as there are a few to paint! It makes for a good diversion from the WWII projects which I'm also doing for myself.
        So thats a few Romans, Next up, I'll be showing some rather lovely Dacian tribesmen to oppose them


DaveD said...

Chris , they look great. That is the Romans that always tempt me too ... I look forward to seeing how it develops

Ged Elliott said...

Luvly looking. Do the shields have transfers on them?

Chris Cornwell said...

Yep, Little Big Man Studios, massive range- they are to shields what GMB are to flags, you'd be potty to paint your own these days - I'll put some pics of the Dacians soon- their shields are particularly nice