Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Long WHC weekend (part1)

The view back over the French centre and right flank. Dom looks thoughtful, Gerry, errr...doesn't.
Last thursday saw me making the familar trip up to Scarborough to the WHC, this was to be a long weekend with 2 games on offer. The plan was to get there for about 2.00pm for a Corunna(ish) scenario which was to play until Friday afternoon, then once a few more people had arrived,  change over for a fictitious 1813 bash which could accomodate more players. As it was, the Peninsular game still had 10 players, so the players each had relatively small commands and the game played quite quickly and smoothly.  
I played on the French left and was tasked with taking one of 2 villages which dominated the road network which the British needed in order to get to the waiting arms of the RN.
This probably proved easier than it should have done, my opponent had racked up 8 or 9 battalions behind the village, including some fairly choice kit, a couple of guards batallions and 2 big Scots units. As it was he would have been better off spreading out a bit more. What transpired was that both myself and Eric on my right flanked the village rather than assault it directly. Due to the lack of troops on the flanks we were able to easily penetrate the defences which on my flank consisted mainly of a solitary highland btn. A punchy unit, and if it had had a couple of mates quite capable of putting up a stiff fight. On its own however, it was easily brushed aside. The end result was that the British behind the village were caught in a crossfire from myself and Eric, with units being continually pinned by retreating units in front of them.
Rule number 1 in ITGM:
Space Management!
Part of my division attempts to outflank "my" village, which is out of shot to the right of the picture 
In the end, it was a fairly comfortable and total French Victory (contrary to Noel's verdict  here: ) Although his perspective might be coloured because he was on the extreme flank of the British with the Light Division, which he handled with considerable expertise. Unfortunately I think his troops would have been the only part of the British army to get away. The rest were cut off.
"My" village in the background, successfully outflanked. The British driven out, and are now being pushed back to the left of the picture. 
None-the less, it was great start to the weekend (I don't recall talking to my dice AT ALL...I think I am being horribly misrepresented!), and got everyone in the mood for the main event which was a larger 1813 game; Goerlitz. We started the game on friday afternoon and got a few turns in without getting into serious contact before packing up for the day. After a couple of extra arrivals (and a night in the casino), and we were ready to go on saturday be continued   

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paulalba said...

I didn't know John Virgo was a Wargammer!

Excellent looking battle.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Ive been following your blog for quite sometime, and I just have to say you do some fantastic stuff...I am truly impressed.

jmilesr said...

Very impressive table and battle!.

I do have to confess that I don't know what "WHC" stands for?

Anonymous said...

Wargames Holiday Centre

It was opened by Peter Gilder of Hinchliffe/Connoisseur fame back in the early 1980s (?). Most of the pictures in the earlier Miniature Wargames mag were taken at the WHC. It was and continues to define 'in the gramd manner' style wargaming.

Since the 1990s it has been owned and operated by others -- not sure of that history, but Gerry Elliot is the key guy now.

VolleyFireWargames said...

Hey there - we did a blended game tonight will post it on my blog tomorrow. CLS and ITGM - it actually worked out all right. We made everything first class just to
keep things simpler for us. Did three cavalry charges - small level
6 and 8 man squadrons - hussars
falled to break a line of regulars
even with infantry assaulting together - cavalry charging each other french lancers against brunswick hussars BH won, But my polish lancers broke into a line unit after it failed its morale test and had to retreat when we hit it I took out 12 infantry with 6 lancers.

As far as your alls game goes looks good I used to have those figures you have painted up as the 57th but sold them off as painted italians, I especially liked the part where both sides gave a different version of "the extent" of the French victory.