Saturday, 20 February 2010

Austrians on Parade part II

Grenzer Regt 16
This hasn't quite worked out. After putting up the pics yesterday which I wasn't too happy with, I thought I put up a couple more using natural daylight. For some reason these seem worse!
My  camera skills don't do these figures justice which is a bit annoying. They look a lot better in the flesh, but it seems you'll have to take my word for it.
The Grenzers are a right old mish-mash. Connoissuer, Elite, plus the standard bearer, mtd officer and a private are Front Rank. Firing Line heads on a few of the Connoissuer figs.I think the mix is fine
Close up of IR 9
IR 9 STILL has a pink flag! Well, believe me, its yellow. The Front officer on show, the paint job looks much better for real (sigh) . One thing I've noticed is that these figures have turned out REALLY matt....I have a theory that it might be to do with the Army Painter. More anon.
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RTB said...

Hi Chris

I have the same problem; I am an ok painter but a rubbish photogrpaher (no wonder I failed my o-level!). I've even got a good camera and I still take pictures that dont do the figures justice.

One little trick I have learnt with AP is that if you paint the black vallejo black/grey the AP shades and produces a really good black effect.

Doc Smith said...

Hi Chris

For some reason your colour balance is slightly out of wack. Maybe too much in the blue which is why your yellow is pink and your green is well... very green! If you have some photo software when you download to your PC it should have a simple colour balance adjustment in the edit bit. Otherwise you'll have to read your digital photo manual but warning, therein madness lies. To read the manual is a form of surrender - unthinkable for a wargamer - banish the thought from your mind! [grin]


PS: Yer green Grenzers are grouse!

Anonymous said...

If it is your camera may I suggest the following:

Press lots of buttons
Swear at it (double-barrelled ones seem to work best for me)
Press a few more buttons...and then hand it to any teenager or below who you can trust not to run off with it.

Works every time!