Monday, 2 March 2009

Perry French

2 btns + skirmishers.
So, here are the first 2 Perry Btns, they will be joined by a 3rd very soon (about 1/3 done).
I decided to do a bit of a mixture, so 1 btn is all Greatcoats, 1 in just coats, and the third will be a mix, this will make them readily indentifiable on the table and is a nice simple system with a bit of continuity whilst making every unit different.
In order to do this I needed more figures than were in the plastics boxes. I wanted more officers including mtd ones and needed a few more figures generally. There are "only" 2 variations of flank coys in each of the coated and great-coated figures, which is great if you are mixing them all up but a bit weedy if you are an awkward bleeder like me and want to seperate them out.
So what you are looking at above is 2 x 36 man units and half a dozen skirmishers. To get this I only used 2 boxes of plastics and then added in extra metals. I still have enough figures left over to get a third btn out of the 2 boxes. Each btn has a metal mtd officer, 3 metal foot officers, 4 metal flank coy figures, 3 metal centre coy bods plus 2 or 3 metal command figures. This way I have at least 2 metal figures per 6 man base which gives them a bit of weight- for those of us who like metal figures it does make a bit of a difference, they do feel a bit better. Obviously this increases the unit cost overall but its still very cheap.
Lets see....
2 x boxes of plastics =£30.00
42 metal foot plus 3 mtd colonels= £49.50
Total = £79.50

Thats enough to make up THREE btns with 5 metal and 7 plastics left over -plus 6 more skimishers.
So it works out to less than £25 a btn, which is still a bit of a bargain.

The "coated" btn
I will end up with a shed load of skirmishers, but they are nice to paint so I'll probably bang them out and they will end up on e-bay.
Having sorted out a 3 btn light infantry regt the question is: What to do next?
I know what Noels' answer to this question is:
If I am to continue with more of these, then the obvious next step would be a 3 btn line regt, but that is too obvious, Italians, maybe? Berg? I've already got 4 btns of Swiss, the Westfalians are sorted...suggestions welcome.

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1 comment:

BFG said...

Well Chris, the Italians are my first choice, the line battalions in white jackets, while the Light infantry have green. I am sure that the Grenadier/Carabinier companies also still have the Bearskins as well, so they'll look great!

My last suggestion would be to go for Neapolitans, however apart from the 7th Line regiment they followed similar colour schemes to the Italians....I think. The fight like Spanish though, so expect to lose with them especially if they're painted nicely! Still if you do use them they could be a Frenchmans Prussian, everyone expects you to lose with them, so when you win it's due to the sheer brilliance of your tactical wizardry!! You're a Prussian at heart after all.....aren't you?