Sunday, 20 December 2009


Austrian infantry pile into Zokolnitz while Bernadotte moves up in the background
Had an odd month, went up to Scarborough for Gerry's and Herbert's week of Napoleonics. We had a great time, fought Austerlitz (twice) Wagram and Dresden. I've put up a couple of pics from this and have plenty more to follow, but time has been precious since I got back, plus I've had really bad flu which has been totally debilitating. You'd have thought that writing a blog was one of the few things you could do while feeling ill but I've had absolutely no energy. What little I have had has had to go on working, and I haven't even picked up a paintbrush. Its left me feeling extremely frustrated. A tough work schedule for this week and I'm even going in between Christmas and New Year (can't remember ever doing that before). However, I will get some more stuff up, I promise. Plus, I'm desperate to get some Austrians finished. They are sitting on the table looking at me accusingly.
Neil Sheardown (some of his cracking painting below) has asked me to do a piece on fast painting horses in oils which I will do in the New Year. Should be fun to do.

Massed Russian Heavy cavalry
Above is a quick bit of action from Dresden, a massive Russian cavalry attack towards the end of the game which was an Allied victory. The French army including 4 divisions of Young Guard (48 battalions of them!!!)  couldn't hold against the hammer blows of  the Allies.
Socially it was a great week, lots of dinners and Herbert got some good presents including a version of his favourite unit  "the fighting 57eme" painted by Neil; These were the old Connoissuer Greatcoated French figures. Really manky campaign dress types, which is why Herbie likes them I guess. Here they are in a presentation case:  

The Fighting 57th (mark II)
More of Neil's work below, some Elite French line. I really like these newer French march attack Elite figures. I did a few a while ago as Westphalians - I think about 2 or 3 months later they released the proper Westphalian range!- They are very straightforward to paint from what I recall 

Nice new Elite infantry painted by Neil Sheardown, in the background Badeners move up in support.
Anyhow, its 9.30 and I'm knackered again so I'll try and get something more out later in the week.

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Der Alte Fritz said...

Get well soon. Thank you for taking the time to post some pictures and tell a little part of the story. I look forward to seeing more when your time frees up.

Anonymous said...

Ditto from me. Those Russian Cuirassiers (especially the old Hinchliffe ones) have inspired me since the 1980s and the original Miniature Wargames. Fantastic. As I have said before, ITGM just wouldn't fly in my group anymore -- too many morale tests and factor/table driven mechanics) but I still think fondly of the spectacle. That mass of cavalry in the picture would be represented by about 36 figures in our Shako II games. The new game is great and we can play huge battles (Wagram with 6500 25s) but the size of those ITGM cavalry regiments is something else...

Cheers and Happy Christmas

paulalba said...

Wow, Outstanding! I am a 15mm wargamer but the 25/28mm really pulls at my painting arm, especially when they are show like this!

Anonymous said...

Have a Happy Christmas Chris. Thanks for hosting this blog -- love it.

BFG said...

Sorry to see that you'v been poorly mate, hope you're well again.
Great posts and I have to say those Wurttembergers you painted for the Garage Gamer, are very nice indeed, (especially the light horse).
Sod the work, get back to painting!!

Doc Smith said...

Cor blimey! Look at all that lead! Its makes the pulse quicken and the heart rejoice at the sight of such huge armies of lead marching across the tabletop. I know I have said on my own blog and elsewhere that I don't care for Elite figures per se but I would gladly swap all my collection for a setup like this one!

Sorry to hear you are unwell with a rotten lurgy but glad you 'soldiered on' enough to make these postings. I reckon the images you post are what wargaming's all about.

Thanks for the inspirational imagery and all the best for the New Year.


Anonymous said...

The silence is getting me worried. Hope you are well.

Chris Cornwell said...

Concerns for my welfare! well, I'm touched...everythings fine, but I guess I'd better post something!