Monday, 17 August 2009

Painting Break: The first Victrix

Victrix French as Italians

I've now finished the 5th Wurtemburg Battalion for Noel plus a foot battery, so before I embark on the final 6th unit, and maybe a cavalry regiment, I thought I'd have a little break and do some of the Victrix French I bought at Salute. To be honest, the other major reason is that I've run out of the right blue paint, so I can't do any more until that arrives (Don't worry Noel, its in the post).
When I'm doing new figures I'm not familar with I quite like just to do 6 skirmishers just to "get into" it. So, having finally plumped for painting these fellows as early Italians I knocked these out yesterday.

Hedges by Irregular

All in all I was impressed, the kneeling figure is a bit vague in it's detail around the back end but apart from that they paint up fine. One thing I did have trouble with was information on the Italians which suprised me, theres not a lot on the web and my own books were a bit vague and contradictory. In the end I used a lovely book I've had for a long time which has the prints from the "Otto Manuscript",most of the subjects are French but there are a few Italians, all drawn by an eyewitness in Hamburg in 1807. Ultimately this force will be about 6 line batallions plus a load of dragoons. Not sure about the Italian Guard but we'll get the line kit done first. I'm sure I will,as I think either Perrys or Victrix will eventually do French Guard infantry (which are right for Italian Guard)

Fancy grass from some German firm

So, I quite like these, I've already started on the first line btn, (the fusileer figures are actually easier to paint). I hope to have them finished next week or so, though I'll have to wait for the flags from GMB.

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Anonymous said...

Nice figs and paint work. However, I worry about the multiple parts in terms of assembly and longevity. My brother and I used to make 1/35 scale models and dioramas and they are very fragile now with glued pieces falling off. Granted these are 30 years old, but I have wargaming figs that are almost that old and they are still going strong.

Chris Cornwell said...

If you think your figures are going to get a bit of a hammering then I'd agree...but providing one is careful I think they will be fine. My figures (unfortunately) don't get anywhere near enough use, so I think they will be alright. The only worry I have with these is the muskets. The Perry plastics seem a bit sturdier